Friday, July 5, 2013

You Matter & You're a Genius (Angela Maiers)

When I woke up today I planned on doing a lot of school related things: Read Teach Like a Pirate, write a blog or two (I have several titled, but unwritten), look into this whole Augmented Reality phenomena, etc. Of course I got side tracked on Twitter and I saw that Angela Maires is signed up as a guest speaker on Skype in the Classroom. (You can find the first of my five part series about my students' Skype in the Classroom experience here.)

I've been following Angela Maiers on Twitter for a while now (@AngelaMaiers) and I know about the whole #youmatter craze.   However, today I finally decided to watch her Ted Talk that was linked to the Skype in the Classroom lesson. I love positive people and positive thinking campaigns. (When I was in high school I started a "Learn to Love it" campaign. I wasn't able to share my idea with TOO many people, but in 2013, it may have taken off on twitter, who knows - at least I could have given it a hashtag!) Anyway,  it doesn't surprise me that my day went in the following direction:

#1 - Watch Angela Maiers' Ted Talk (Here's the link if the video doesn't show up)

#2 - Tell everyone in my life who matters to me - exactly that.

#3 - Cry a little because I'm so lucky.

#4 - Reflect on my inner genius.

#5 - Write a "You're a Genius" letter to my future students.
       (Page 1:

#6 - Write a "You Matter" letter to my future students.
        (Page 2:

#7 - Write this blog challenging others to do the same (Steps #1-7 - You don't have to cry, but you might!)

 If you haven't discovered Angela Maiers, today's the day. Follow her on Twitter, jump on the #youmatter bandwagon, write a letter to your future students and encourage others to do the same. And, finally, don't forget:

Lesson #11:  "You Matter and You're a Genius"

Thank you Angela for inspiring so many, including me!


  1. Hello Arin,
    I'm following your advice and taking on your challenge. I love Angela Maiers and believe in the You Matter campaign. I teach kindergarten and have posted a You Matter letter for my students on our class blog. I also sent the letter to each of them. I built my letter based on your writing because you stated what I feel so well. Thank you for sharing.


  2. Maria, thank you so much for sharing your story! I know your students will be very fortunate to receive the letters you wrote! Can you provide the link to your blog?

  3. This is an awesome letter Arin. Thank you for sharing. I would like to ask you permission to use parts of your letter. Here is a draft of my tweet. "Letter to my future on-line Ss who I never met. Inspired by @ArinKress @AngelaMaiers #youmatter #1st5days #flipclass"

  4. Hi Peggy,

    Thanks for your kind comments and for asking for permission to use my letter. Feel free to use it this year and in the future. I'm glad that you and your students will start the year on such a positive note! Have a great school year :)