Friday, July 5, 2013

MIE - Part 3 Blog Directions

Part 3: Questions and Answers

For your Part 3 Post, please complete  following. 
-To see if your audience was paying attention, write at least three questions you can ask about your project/presentation. The answers must be stated during your presentation.
-Also, write one question that you may be asked after your presentation. Then, formulate a logical response to this question.
-Finally, list any sources (websites, books, interviews, etc.) that you used to gather information for this project. If you did not use any resources, please state that in your post. 

Due Date and Title:
The part 3 blog is due Thursday, May 23 by 9p.m. Please put “Part 3- _________” as your title. In the blank put the topic of your presentation. (Ex. Part 3- Baseball)

You will present  your Math Is Everywhere Project on Friday, May 24! Please continue to work on your visual presentation (board) and your oral presentation! Both your visual and oral presentations, will need to include information from Part 1, 2 and 3 posts!  Good Luck!

Happy Blogging!

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