Tuesday, December 30, 2014

So...you're looking for an all-inclusive flipped class platform?

This is the fifth post in a series about my flipped classroom. You can read the previous four posts here:
Beginning Questions for the Flipped Classroom

When deciding on a flipped class platform, there are many things to take into consideration. In years past I had used Sophia.org and wanted to compare other platforms. This year I decided to compare three other platforms before making my decision. Below are my notes on Sophia, Blendspace, EduCanon and EdPuzzle as you will see the positives and negatives listed in blue and red. I eventually went with EdPuzzle and am completely pleased!

Can insert the following files: Text, Image, Video, Screen Recording, Slideshow (Ppt), Audio, PDF, HTML
I would typically only insert video and a google form for each ‘lesson’ (The google form would act as my formative assessment)
I liked that the lesson was organized and could contain multiple forms of media. (Multiple videos, links to websites, etc.)
Students could access Sophia’s bank of lessons (many videos seemed too high for 5th grade, however)
Great online support (Twitter: @sophia)

I struggled with the analytics as I had difficulty figuring out who watched the videos, how the students performed on the quizzes, etc. I then had to use a google form for my data which became from cumbersome. Sometimes the analytics it would say students were online for 20+ hours which I knew wasn't accurate

Easily add in multiple content for blended learning in an aesthetically pleasing view…multiple videos, documents, pictures, quizzes, etc. ***
Can upload own content (thumbnail is blank though)
Students know if they got answers correct/incorrect after they take the quiz
Students can comment on videos, like/dislike or request teacher help.
There are privacy settings...lesson only viewable by link and to students within class….**** (Could share blendspaces with parents and they don’t have to log in)
Can choose MULTIPLE forms of media to insert (easily searchable and draggable within Blendspace)

When I set up a test class, the scores never were available. It glitched for me most times when trying to see the quiz results ******
Students can create their own lesson (I searched “balls” in youtube….and you can imagine what showed up...students could create their own ‘lessons’ and share the URL….From what I could find, the teacher has no way to tell what the students create.)
Slow customer service via email….Twitter account used mainly to address frequent user problems.

EduCanon -
Can choose from YouTube, Khan Academy, Vimeo, TeacherTube, mathhelp.com, mathtv.com, etc.
Can embed questions during the video (Video pauses until question is answered)
Students receive immediate feedback on quiz questions (Teacher can provide explanation too)
“Bulbs” are assignments
Student view is nice (can tell what is overdue, due in a few days, etc.)
Can put due dates on lessons

Can’t upload own content directly***  (Can only upload a URL...must upload video into YouTube, for example, and then paste URL…extra step in my book.)
DIfficult to find where to add students

Can upload own content directly***
Can choose from other videos on YouTube, Khan, LearnZillion, National Geo, TED, Veritasium, Numberphile, Crash course, Club Academia, Vimeo, TeacherTube, etc.
Teacher option to allow fast forwarding
Analytics provided for the class and individual student **** (Easy to see how students did on quiz questions and who has/hasn’t watched)
Can insert voice, text, and quiz questions during the video (Video pauses until question is answered)
Students receive immediate feedback
If fast forward is allowed, you can still see if the student watched the entire video or not (progress bar shows skipped portion of the video) Very cool!
Can TRIM videos from the beginning or end another nice feature. The video will stop if you click another tab or go outside of Edpuzzle’s page! (Never seen this before, but it’s a great idea)
Easy to add students
VERY Quick (minutes) response on Twitter to questions. (Twitter: @EdPuzzle) Short videos provided with answers.

For the time being, you can’t organize videos into “lessons” (Folders can be created but only for the teacher end....)

This video explains the basics:

And this video explains the analytics:

EdPuzzle was an easy choice for me…..The editing functions are amazing, the bank of content is impressive, the analytics are insanely helpful and the student view is easy and organized as well. I began flipping in October this school year and I have been in contact with Quim who works for EdPuzzle since. Every time I talk to Quim, I am more and more impressed. He is always open to feedback and suggestions on how to make the site better and is constantly focused on providing a superior product for both teachers and students.

Check out what EdPuzzle offers here and feel free to contact me if you are looking into flipping or using EdPuzzle!

Thanks for reading!

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