Tuesday, June 10, 2014

My One Year Blogiversary

I haven't blogged as much as I would have liked over the last 6 months, but today I decided to work on a few posts that I've been meaning to write. Oddly enough, today is the one year anniversary of my first post on this blog. Curious as to why this blog is titled Hate Chalk? You can find out by reading my first post by clicking here :)

If you haven't taken the leap yet into the world of blogging, try it out this summer. Just remember, you don't have to make all your posts public but by sharing your thoughts with others you will hopefully grow from the feedback that you will receive while potentially helping others in the process. You will also have an archive of your thoughts, reflections, lesson ideas, etc. It's a win-win for everyone involved :)

I would also suggest setting a blogging goal. You don't have to post daily and be careful to not make blogging 'work.' One post a week? Two posts a month? Make it a manageable goal. However, setting a goal is important because if you don't, you may go for months without a post like I did!

Also, if you're looking for some great blogs to follow I would suggest the following group.  They all have different styles, but have provided me with great insight and inspiration over the last year:

Brown Room 18 Groovy Classroom Blog by Jennifer Regruth (@JennRegruth)
-Excellent class blog bound to inspire!

Engage Their Minds by Terri Eichholz (@terrieichholz)
-Short, practical great ideas to use in the classroom

Kleinspiration by Erin Klein (@kleinerin)
Amazing posts about innovative ideas for classroom teachers

Compassion Based Learning by Oliver Schinkten (@schink10)
-Thought-provoking blog by an incredibly passionate educator

My Own Genius Hour by Joy Kirr (@joykirr)
Great reflections and examples from an inspiring ELA teacher.

The Power of Appreciation by Joy Kirr and team
YOU can be the author of a post on this blog to thank others who have impacted your life.

Two Guys and Some iPads by Brad Waid (techbradwaid) and Drew Minock (@techminock)
-Wonderful technology tips about apps, Augmented Reality and much more.

Blogging Through the Fourth Dimension by Pernille Ripp (@pernilleripp)
-Well-written and thought provoking posts by the creator of the Global Read Aloud. (Here's a link to the OTHER blogs Pernille writes as well...)

Bailey and Derek's Daddy by Jon Harper (@jonharper70bd)
-Beautifully written posts about education and life by a reflective educator

From Effective to Excellent by Ryan McLane (@McLane_Ryan)
-Amazing ideas by an innovative leader

Colorful Principal by Ben Gilpen (@benjamingilpen)
-Excellent blog that includes "Articles Worth Reading" and "Videos Worth Watching" in each post.

Ninja Reflections on Education by Todd Nesloney (@techninjatodd)
-Succinct, creative, great ideas by an inspiring educator

Technically Yours, Teaman by Amber Teaman (@8Amber8)
-Short, fun, insightful posts from a connected administrator

Passion...Purpose...Pride by Jimmy Casas (@casas_jimmy)
-The title of this blog says it all. It is full of passion, purpose and pride - a must read for all educators.

Education and Motivation by Daisey Dyer Duerr (@DaiseyDyerDuerr)
-Well written and full of inspiration

Taught by Finland by Tim Walker (@timdwalk)
-Really interesting insights from an American teacher in a Finnish school

Thank you to all those who blog and put so much time into sharing your thoughts with a broader community. It took me forever to finish this post because I got sidetracked reading so many of the posts from the blogs above! Please be sure to add links to other blogs that you enjoy reading in the comment section below.

Also, thank you to those who read this blog or have commented on any posts over the last year. My goal for the coming year is to post more frequent, shorter posts that give more insight into my classroom and my thoughts as an educator. I hope you will join me for the ride over the next year.

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