Thursday, April 24, 2014

So Much More (A Poem for My Students)

Next week is our state testing. I wrote the poem below for my students and thought I would share it on my blog as well. Just an FYI: We will be testing on May 1 and June 2 is our last day of school.

So Much More:
You’re more than a score
More than a number
You are unique.
A class to remember.

I see the potential in you.
I see how you’ve grown.
I’ve seen your fears.
And the kindness you’ve shown

So when that day comes
To take the test
Realize you’ve been challenged each day
To do your best.

May 1st is no different
Than day 1,
And when June  2nd comes 
Your work isn’t done. 

It doesn’t start with the test
And doesn’t end there.
I want you to take what you’ve learned
And continue to share.

You don’t only have potential
You have so much more…
In my eyes you’re not a number -
You're not a test score.

You’re an artist
And a singer
A dancer
And believer
You’re a gamer
And a player
A friend
And truth sayer
You’re a daughter
you are a son
A unique individual
The only ONE.

But you just haven’t made
Your family proud
You innocently love life
And each day show me how.

You’ve cried for each other
And reminded me to smile.
You made an impact on me
That will last a while.

You’re a great class
Down to your core
Please know,
life’s not about

-Written: April 5, 2014


  1. I will definitely be sharing this with my students next time we have testing!!! Thanks for writing this Arin - you've obviously created that culture where they know you and you know them. Ahhh....

    1. Yes, please share it with your students! Thanks :)

  2. Love it and will share it with my students! Thanks for writing it! :)

    1. Thanks. I hope your students will benefit from it!

  3. Love it, Arin! Excellent message! Great stuff!

  4. This poem is perfect for all of us who have to put our students through the vigor of high-stakes state testing. Yes, they are so much more than a test score! Thank you for sharing this with us.